Our Accommodation

Pet Resort & Dog Training

VIP /Air conditioned - /Fan

There are four VIP kennel facilities. Two have fans and the other two have air-conditioning.

These provide indoor and outdoor spaces with an outdoor covered shaded area. Clean bedding and towels are provided and pets staying here have total freedom of the kennel.

VIP kennels are ideal for owners with more than one dog who would like to board their pets together.
Mosquito Free!

Dogs Boarding / per dog / per night:
- VIP/Fan THB 800
- VIP/Aircon THB 1000
- Roommate: 50%


Standard kennels are clean, dry and have a spacious kennel space.

Each one has a run which is 8m long. So whatever the dog’s breed and size there’s ample space provided.

Dogs Boarding / per dog:

- Standard Kennel / one dog / per night THB 550 
- roommate (only small dogs) THB 350 per dog/per night extra

Cat boarding

The DOGFATHER facility has a separate boarding unit for up to six cats.

Cats boarding / one cat:
- per night  350 THB
- monthly 8000 THB

For the protection of your pet and other boarders, all animals staying at the kennels must have received proper immunisation during the previous twelve months and have the correct paperwork to support this.

The health of your pet is of paramount importance at the DOGFATHER.


"All for dogs - Dogs for all"


We are open:
Monday - Friday:
- 08:00-12:00am.
- 15:00-18:00pm.
Saturdays: 08:00-11:00am.
Sundays closed
Check out time for all animals is 12:00am.